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“I believe that the first step toward a more balanced and happy existence is deciding to move forward into a period of reflection and positive transition through therapy.”

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Jane Cuñha


I am a licensed mental health counselor working with clients in both Florida and California; both virtually and in-person. I am also an artist and a registered art therapist. I offer the healing power of creativity and the effectiveness of proven therapeutic techniques to promote growth, knowledge, and transformation.
Therapy is one of the most profound things you can do to improve your life, but sometimes it is difficult to reach out to a therapist. I understand the difficulty you might feel but encourage you to take that first step. I offer a free 15 minute phone consultation for new clients. After a brief conversation, I can learn what your needs are, and you can learn more about me. We can then set a time to meet.

Therapy Services

How I Can Help

Words are often not sufficient when conveying deep emotion or processing trauma. I am certified in EMDR; Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing. This powerful method of psychotherapy utilizes directional movement of the eyes or simple rhythmic tapping to enable the healing of disturbing thoughts and memories.

I am also a registered Art Therapist and I can use art therapy in session if a client is open to it. No special talent is required to benefit from art therapy and it is effective with all ages. I understand sometimes a client would rather communicate without art making.

It’s always your choice. Together, we’ll decide the methods that will work well for you.



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Jane's Story

I've been there, too

The transformative process of therapy helped me to examine the obstacles in my life and find inner strength. The experience was so life changing that it inspired me to become a therapist many years ago.
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My Process

  • My therapeutic process includes cognitive and behavioral insights, mindfulness, and expressive art therapies.
  • In my approach to your therapy, we will explore early attachments, traumatic experiences, and relationship issues.
  • Negative thinking will be examined and transformed into more effective ways of being.
  • Mindful psychotherapy practices will focus on the present moment as we resist the impulse to worry about the future or regret the past.
  • In addition to the communicative talk therapies, I sometimes suggest various art therapies in my work. Art and expressive therapies can be a powerful catalyst for deeper communication, clearer understanding, and more healthy integration of your life experiences. We might find that drawing, painting, doodling, sculpting or guided meditation will bring a certain depth to our session. I often use journaling, poetry, music, or movement, in session or as suggested homework, to deepen the process of communicating your experiences.


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Serving Florida clients virtually or in person in Odessa, and in California virtually.
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